St Louis swimming pool installation in the greater st louis region including Missouri and Illinois is possible during all times of the year. Many people believe that inground pool installation is difficult in Stl, Mo. and Ill because our long winters. At Scarlet Pools, we believe that in the St. Louis and surrounding area that during the winter months of September, October, November, Decemeber, January, February, March, and April are the perfect times in STL to have your inground swimming pool installation. This means that the swimming pool installation will be finished by the time the St. Louis summer rolls in and you can cool off in your custom concrete pool. St. Louis inground swimming pools installation has been growing yearly in the STL area and has seen many companies come and go. We have been providing inground pool installations in Missouri and Illinois for over 10 years so we know the different issues that are very specific to the soil and rock content of backyards all over the Stl area including the St. Louis County and St. Charles County. We have serviced many cities in these areas for inground swimming pools installation including Chesterfield, Ballwin, Creve Coeur, Town and Country, Ladue, Olivette, Florissant, Ellisville, Eureka, Manchester, Maryland Heights, and Wildwood. With our experience of swimming pool installations in all of these different counties and cities, Scarlet Pools has seen it all. This means we have the knowlege and experience to make inground pool installation in your backyard a success that will last a lifetime. Our process of inground swimming pools installation as a pool contractor that has worked in St. Louis County and St. Charles County in the cities of Ladue, Chesterfield, Manchester and Wildwood, is a simple and clean pool construction process. We understand that neighbors can sometimes be jealous and difficult of custom swimming pool installations. This can then make them a bit less understanding about the possible mess a construction site can make. We understand these issues completely as of our experience with past swimming pool installation in Ellisville, Eureka, Creve Couer and Florissant in the St. Louis County Area. Scarlet Pools as an inground pool installation contractor is sure to have a clean swimming pool installation process while meeting our time requirements. Sometimes the construction process of a inground pool installation can have unforseeable problems with soil, underground holes, or rocks that have to be moved. This is a very common issue in the St. Louis area so we expect these issues and have the foresight to look for these problems and plan for them when giving our original time estimation. The weather during inground swimming pool installation can sometimes be a delaying factor because of the extreme shifts in temprature and precipation in the cities of Ellisville, Eureka, Creve Couer, Town and Country, Ladue, and Ballwin. This doesn't stop Scarlet Pools. Acts of god, do force swimming pool installation to be delayed but having experience and foresight we plan for these events during our initial assesment to give us enough time frame to complete your inground swimming pools installation right on time.




Scarlet pools only builds unique pools that have been designed with our customers’ one on one. After initial assessment of the property, our team will roll up our sleeves and get to work helping the homeowner pick out all of the design features available to them. These exciting and diverse pool design features can be seen on our Inground Concrete Pools page. Once the design basics have been set, we will get to work with a 3D visualization for the home owner to review with their service representative. The last step before the dig, will be to obtain all necessary permits for your Inground Concrete Pool and decking will be obtained by Scarlet Pools.


Before digging our pool builders will layout form boards for the layout of your pool so that the dig takes place in the exact location set in the plans. After the location of the form boards are precisely placed, the fun part can start.

The excavation is mostly dug using a small, skid-steer front end loader which helps provide precise digging. Also a smaller machine allows for easier maneuverability while digging out the pools shape.




During the entire process of the pool build, we provide our own inspections by our team leaders and ownership to ensure the quality of the pool and that code is being met. Local inspectors for your county or city will also be on site from time to time to make sure code is met according to county or city code requirements.



Rebar and Rock is placed for concrete support and to create the frame of your pool.

Rocks for concrete inground swimming pool
Swimming pool putting rock and steel
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Scarlet Pools is 100% in support of shooting using shotcrete. Our formulas for pool concrete is mixed and guaranteed by concrete factories and then brought premade to the site of pool construction. Our expert builders then shoot the high pressured premade concrete onto the rebar frame to create the pool shell. Check out the video to get take a look at this step of the build, pretty cool if you ask us.



This is where the pool begins to take on a personality besides its unique shape. This is always exciting for a homeowner to get to see their dream come to life.



Licensed technicians will provide plumbing and electric to the pool to provide safe and proper energy for your pool.




All inground pools require decking to go around the pool. This has also been decided during the design process and the materials were picked out by our customers. The deck is done last to prevent any debris from contaminating the slip resistant coating.



Scarlet Pools will help the customers with initial start up teaching them about proper chemicals, start up, and shut down. The best part though, is jumping in and swimming in your brand new inground concrete pool.


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