Scarlet Pools renovators and pool maintenance team help St. Louis homeowners restore their pools and spas to their former glory with important pool remodeling needs. When a homeowner contacts Scarlet Pool maintenance staff usually a customer is concerned about the look of the pool as it has aged but there also may be a loss of water from a pool leak that might be hard for a homeowner to pinpoint the location of. Pool leak detection is where we will start when Scarlet pool remodeling team in St. Louis assesses your pool rehabilitation. Typically, there are three major tasks that will need to be done on most any Scarlet Pool renovation project in St. Louis, Missouri. These three things will be swimming pool replastering, pool deck resurfacing, and pool leak detection which is totally normal on an older St. Louis, Mo pool remodeling project. When discussing pool leak detection it is important to understand what process or thinking that the pool renovators must do in order to completely stop any possible pool leak detections that are happening. It’s a lot like being a detective for Scarlet pool renovators, you will start by looking at the obvious suspects which would be items like older plumbing, worn out gaskets or fittings, or a crack that might be in the pool shell. Scarlet Pool renovators go beyond the basics to also take into account possible shifts in the ground that might have cracked underground plumbing or on older pools especially, a leak at the top under the pools surrounding tile right under the swimming pool coping. Scarlet Pool leak detection professionals will determine the cause of the leaking after inspecting all of these possible outcomes. This is the first place to start when pool remodeling as the results from the pool leak detection will determine the major “fixes” that are required with an older swimming pool. Scarlet pool renovators will then get to work on fixing whatever was found during the pool leak detection, so that any crack in the shell or plumbing that needs to be replaced will be done before any of the beautification aspects such as swimming pool replastering. Pool leak detection is extremely important when considering who you would like to work with on your Pool Remodeling project. Scarlet Pools Renovators and Pool Maintenance team know exactly where to look and what to do so that your Swimming Pool, Hot Tub, or Spa will not only will look just as beautiful as the first day your pool was built but that it operates properly which can save a customer thousands of dollars over the years. After the pool leak detection has been been completed by Scarlet Pool Renovators and all of these problems have been fixed, the next part of the process could be Swimming Pool Replastering which will restore the texture and look on the shell of your pool and spa. In St. Louis, Missouri there are a lot of older pools and spas that have been around for years but have lost the glory they once had. This is perfectly normal and isn’t due to a poor pool maintenance by the St. Louis, Missouri homeowner. With a little bit of help from Scarlet pool Renovators, we can restore the texture and look of your pool shell with swimming pool replastering. This process is usually done towards the end of a Pool Remodeling project as it is literally the finishing touch on a St. Louis, Missouri pool renovation project. Swimming pool replastering means that Scarlet Pool renovators will be knocking out loose or old plaster manually or by sandblasting. Once these old pieces of plaster have been knocked off, Scarlet Pool renovators can apply a new finish to your St. Louis inground swimming pool. This finish can look and feel the same as your old plaster or during the swimming pool replastering initial assessment St. Louis homeowners can discuss a new style of finish for their pool. Scarlet pool renovators have a great connection with local pool material suppliers that helps us bring the best plaster and finish to our St. Louis customers. If our customers would like to choose a new finish or plaster for their swimming pool replastering we can show them the large and quality options they can choose such as White Marcite, Quartscape, Stonescape, and much more. When a St. Louis homeowner takes care of a swimming pool replastering with proper pool maintenance, the finish or plaster could last the St. Louis pool 7 years or more without needing anymore remodeling. While pool leak detection and swimming pool resurfacing is extremely important to restore the beauty of an inground pool or spa, the concrete deck that surrounds the pool might also need some tender loving care as cracks can occur or the coating can become worn from St. Louis, Missouri summer and winters. This is why Scarlet Pools renovators not only offer pool resurfacing but our team will also analyze the surrounding concrete to see if the homeowner would need pool deck resurfacing. Pool deck resurfacing is a very common project for Scarlet Pool renovators which makes an apparent difference to a homeowners outside deck area. Typically, during pool remodeling, our team will save pool deck resurfacing for the last part of the pool restoration project. This happens as pool resurfacing can blow dirt and debris into the air which would then be caught by the new coat on a pool deck. There are quite a few reasons a customer could need pool deck resurfacing for their St. Louis, Missouri pool. The major issues that our pool renovators come across is cracking from stress or age, worn coating, or a shift in the ground that has moved the pool decking. Scarlet pool renovators have seen it all and have the solution for every problem you could throw at our team. The above issues can be common in St. Louis and have reliable and sturdy fixes that will last. Cracking from stress or a shift in the ground is analyzed by Scarlet pool renovators during the assessment of the pool resurfacing project to see if pool deck resurfacing will be required on the St. Louis home. Cracks can be ground down to become level again and then filled with concrete to restore the gaps that would have been created by the separation. Scarlet pool renovators will also consider blending during the pool deck resurfacing project so a fill in the deck won’t be obvious to the untrained eye. Fixing cracks would be the first step in pool deck resurfacing as the last step of placing a new coat to recover color and slip resistance will always be the last step of a pool remodeling project to prevent debris from ruining the new coating. When deciding on a new coating for your pool deck resurfacing project our pool renovation team will show you all of the different options that are available to a st. Louis homeowner. The different coats will provide some pop and contrast to your surrounding pool area. Pool coating also has a functional process for placing around a pool and that is slip resistance. Every St. Louis, Mo swimming pool should have slip resistance deck coating surrounding the pool to protect their loved ones from possible accidents which makes pool deck resurfacing an extremely vital part of pool remodeling that should be considered when talking to Scarlet pool renovators.



Cracked and worn decking is dangerous around a swimming pool while making your home look ugly. Cracking or worn coating can happen over time in St. Louis. Stress and weathering are typically the culprits in these common issues found with older pools. Scarlet Pools renovation team will assess all the issues with a new pool deck resurfacing project in order to provide our St. Louis homeowner the best course of action. Typically, cracks will be ground and filled to restore the integrity of the surrounding pool deck. Once the cracks have been filled, a new coating can be applied to restore color and slip resistance. Pool deck resurfacing will not only restore the glory of your swimming pool area but also provide protection for the ones you love. So get rid of that dangerous eye sore as soon as possible with the best in the business here at Scarlet Pools.


Replastering, also known as pool resurfacing, is a fun process for the homeowner and for Scarlet Pool Renovators. There is no better option for restoring an eye sore of a pool to being the best looking pool on the block. Replastering an older pool is also an excellent example of why inground pools are the best option for a homeowner. An older pool with bubbled and cracking plaster can be sandblasted to remove the old plaster. Scarlet Pool renovators will then apply a new finish to the inside of the pool, which can be completely different from the original finish. This gives our pool resurfacing customers the chance to have the look and feel of a brand new pool where there old ugly pool was before. That is just plain exciting! If you are suffering from ugly pool syndrome, call Scarlet Pools team as soon as possible. We’ll get the whole neighborhood talking about your new pool transformation with our pool resurfacing options.

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A leaking pool is costing you money every time you start up your swimming pool or spa. Older pools with major leaks do not look good. Who wants to show off an old leaking pool to their friends and family? Our team at scarlet pools is pool detectives who will track down the problem that is causing your pool to leak and make sure that it doesn’t cost you another dollar of wasted money. Also your pool gets to look sexy again, which is always a bonus. Pool leak detection is a major part of any pool remodeling project, the cause can come from a shell crack, older plumbing, or worn out gaskets and fittings. The most important thing is to get these problems fixed right away as some pools can have more serious issues that will not improve with time. Scarlet Pools will come out any time of the year to get your pool restored and to stop that nasty leaking.


Inground pool rehabilitations are truly amazing with all of the options available to our St. Louis customers. Our pool renovators are like the Greek god Hephaestus, molding and crafting old pools into works of excellence that leave neighbors and friends astonished. If there is something you want done to your inground pool or spa that didn’t exist before, talk to Scarlet Pools about it, and we will get it done. Pool coping, tile, concrete benches, diving boards, new lights, fountains, water streamers, concrete ramps, and anything else you can think of is on the table when remodeling your inground concrete pool. Don’t waste another summer suffering from pool envy, give us a call any time of the year and let us craft your old boring pool into a real piece of art.


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